Every year, 20 students will be selected to be part of this special class.

If you are wondering what is expected of applicants, here's a little guide to maximize your chances of getting in.

Remember, if you fail to get in, you can absolutely try again the following years.


This is very important for applying to New3dge. You wouldn't want to fall behind in fundamentals while the educators teach you their advanced techniques and industry tips.

Anatomy, perspective, value, color, light, shape and volumes must be understood and you should be able to apply it to original designs.

This will be evaluated during your portfolio review and your art test.


It is important to be able to create compelling stories trhough your art. We'll make sure you are able to tell a specific story from a brief during the art test. Concept art is about answering complex problems so we'll try to understand how and why you like inventing worlds.


We are looking for designers, not illustrators. You should focus on understanding how things work, understanding design and be willing to create original material for the entertainment industry at the highest level. This will be evaluated on your portfolio, during your art test, and during your interview.


This class is best viewed as a team. Beyond individuals, we are looking to recruit a unified group that will help each other fight technical plateaux and artistic fears together. We are looking for interested, curious and driven people to become the next wave of Concept Artists.


Here's a selection of art that was in our current students' portfolios who were accepted in the Concept Art program.