Scanline VFX - Relic Entertainment - Microsoft Game Studios - Ubisoft

Greg Danton is a Freelance Concept Artist currently living in Vancouver, Canada. He has worked in the entertainment industry for clients such as Microsoft (Coalition), Ubisoft, Relic Entertainment and Scanline VFX.



Bungie - ArenaNet - Nintendo 

Jamie Ro is a concept artist and illustrator currently based in Seattle, WA. Jamie started her career in Auckland New Zealand as an illustrator and has since worked for video game companies such as Nintendo, ArenaNet and Bungie.



Volta - Gearbox Studios - Axis Studios

Jens Claessens is a concept artist working in the games- and movie industry.



Fox - Dreamworks - Sony - Ubisoft

Geoffroy THOORENS is a french concept artist and illustrator. He worked on movies, series and video games for majors such as Fox, Dreamworks, Sony, Ubisoft etc



Quantic Dreams - Axis Animation - Disney Hyperion Editions

Quentin REGNES is a french Freelance concept artist with experience in video games, VR experience, illustration (for book and boardgame) and animation.



Blur - Unit Image - Fortiche - Capsule Studio

Alexandre is a concept designer working mainly as a Hard Surface modeler and environment artist. He worked on licences like Love Death & Robots, Star Wars The Old Republic, League of Legend, The Surge, Strike Vector and many more. 



Dreamworks Animation Television - Eidos Montreal - Bungie

Wouter is a concept designer based in Amsterdam and has been working on various projects across the globe for AAA companies.


Naughty Dog - One Pixel Brush - MPC - Framestore - Rodeo FX

Florent Lebrun is a Freelance Concept Artist based in Montreal, Canada. He worked on movies like James Bond: Skyfall, Harry Potter: Deathly Hallows, Clash of the Titans, Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows and video games like The Last of Us 2. 


BLUR - Capsule - Jagex - Passion Pictures - Netflix - Quantic Dreams

Aurélien Fournier is a freelance concept artist working in the film and video game industry. His clients include BLUR, Passion Picture, NETFLIX and Quantic Dreams. He is the New3dge’s Concept Art Educational Engineer and will be steering this program where the industry goes as we move forward, as much in terms of pedagogy as technology. 


Naughty Dogs - Infinity Wards - Techland

Balazs Agoston is a professional concept artist and illustrator. After honing his craft to the highest of standards on projects such as Uncharted: Lost Legacy and The Last of Us: Part 2, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and Dead Island, Balazs will be teaching here at New3dge his concept art techniques, shape language and composition. 


Wardenlight Studio - Blur - Ubisoft - Warner Bros - Sony Picture Animation - Activision - Applibot - Treyarch - 20th Century Fox - Louis Vuitton

Concept Artist, illustrator and composer for almost ten years for the video game, film and advertising industries, Bastien Grivet is specialized in visual development for all kinds of visual productions, from AAA to the independent sector.
In 2013, he co-funded with Jessica Rossier their visual development company: Wardenlight Studio, with clients like Sony Pictures Animation, Activision/Treyarch, Blur Studio, Ubisoft, Warner Bros, Louis Vuitton, and of course, the latest Oscar Winning Spiderman: into the Spiderverse.


Guerilla Games - One Pixel Brush - Infinity Wards - Naughty Dog - Axis

Danar Worya is a freelance concept artist and illustrator based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. His list of past clients include companies such as Fantasy Flight Games, Guerrilla Games and Monte Cook Games.

His current clients include companies such as One Pixel Brush, Infinity Ward and Naughty Dog. Working on Games such as Uncharted: Lost Legacy, The last of us 2 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


Dreamworks - Shiro Games - Fantasy Flight Games

Etienne Hebinger is a Freelance Concept Artist / Illustrator located in Strasbourg, France that has worked with Shiro Games on Northgard and now on the Fast & Furious Animated Series for Dreamworks. 


Naughty Dog - Universal - Digital Domain - Paramount - Wizards of the Coast

Eytan Zana is a concept artist at Naughty Dog Inc. Specializing in environment design, Eytan has worked on titles such as Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, The Last Of Us, and Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception. His previous clients include Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Digital Domain, and Wizards of The Coast.


Lucasfilm - ILM - MPC - Framestore - Axis - Marvel Studios - Legendary Pictures

Jama Jurabaev from Tajikistan is a professional concept artist, illustrator and a matte painter working for the movie and game industry in London, UK. He studied aerospace engineering, but in his mid-twenties, decided to switch over to concept art and later on, moved towards art-directing.
He recently worked on such movies as Avengers: Age of Ultron, X-men: Days of future past, Guardians of the Galaxy, Beauty and The Beast, Kong: Skull Island, Ready Player One, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and many others.


Disney - ILM - Paramount - 20th Century Fox - SONY

Finnian MacManus is a concept artist working in the films and games industry. Son of a painter, designer and landscape designer, he began very early in the world of design, first traditional and later in digital, especially Science Fiction. He developed his skills further in computer-related forums, improving day after day to work for companies such as Disney, Industrial Light and Magic, Paramount Pictures, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Fox, Lightstorm Entertainment, EA Games , Apple, Sony Playstation and Microsoft.


One Pixel Brush - Mathematics

Jad Saber, Lebanese Freelance Concept Artist has been working in Paris for 3 years now in the video game industry. Jad work includes "Uncharted : Lost Legacy" and the awaited Naughty Dog’s "The Last of Us II" 


Disney - Dreamworks - Blue Sky

Nathan Fowkes is a Concept artist for the animation and entertainment industry. Teacher of drawing, painting, color and design, his clients include DreamWorks, Blue Sky and Disney.

Nathan Fowkes is a veteran entertainment industry artist with credits on 11 animated feature films including: The Prince of Egypt, Spirit, several projects within the Shrek Universe, How to Train Your Dragon, The Legend of Puss in Boots, Rio2 and Ferdinand. Nathan's upcoming animated films are from Disney and Paramount Animation.


Dontnod - Lightbulb Crew - Fortiche

Lucile Meunier is a concept artist, Illustrator and Visual Developer from Paris. She worked on projects like Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell, Watch Dogs, The Division, Watchdog and working with companies like Ubisoft, Pretty Simple and now Art Director at Dontnod. 


Pretty Simple - Reborn Interactive

Ulysse Verhasselt is a Freelance Environment concept artist & illustrator from Finland.

He is passionate about creating efficient worlds and compelling images that are mostly inspired by nature, fashion and fantasy.

Constantly developing new painting workflows and analysis, he enjoys simplification and minimalist approaches. He worked for companies like Pretty Simple and Reborn Interactive and is now a Freelance artist. 


Wardenlight Studio - Sony Picture Animation - Activision- BLUR - Treyarch - Applibot - 20th Century Fox - Louis Vuitton

Jessica Rossier is an Art Director and Concept Artist at Wardenlight Studio in Montpellier, France. On top of being a great artist, she is a talented business woman and will teach classes on this important part of an artist's career. Her list of clients includes: Sony Animation Pictures, 3D TOTAL, OCULUS, BLIND SPOT PICTURES, PLATINIUM FMD, BLUR STUDIO, Louis Vuitton and of course, the latest Oscar Winning Spiderman: into the Spiderverse.


Blizzard - Dreamworks - Deep Silver

After completing a fine arts degree, Marta fulfilled her lifelong dream to become an artist and started working as a concept artist, illustrator and matte painter. Her clients range from Blizzard to Dreamworks and her worldwide renown gets her invited to numerous festivals and concept art events all around the world. 


Guerilla Games - Activision - Karakter - BLUR

Mike HILL has been working in the film and games industry for ten years as a concept artist, level designer, creative director and IP consultant. He is co-founder and ex Managing Director of Karakter Design Studio, a multi-Emmy-award winning design studio.

He worked on some of the world’s biggest titles, from Blade Runner 2049 and Game of Thrones to games such as Call of Duty Infinite WarfareKillzone and Horizon Zero Dawn among others.


ILM - Warner Bros - Goodbye Kansas - BLUR - Bethesda

Timothy RODRIGUEZ is a concept artist and illustrator based in London. After years of work in the video game and film industry as a freelancer, Timothy went to London to work for ILM where he has stayed for more than 3 years on films like Star Wars and Jurassic Park. 


Disney - Framestore - ILM

With a visual effects credit list consisting of over forty-five films and television series, Jason Horley joined Industrial Light & Magic London’s Art Department as Art Director in 2014.

On graduating from the renowned Falmouth School of Art in Cornwall, England, Jason’s early career in the 1990s was spent as a book illustrator before he moved into the world of TV and film.

In 2003, Horley was honored with a VES award for Outstanding Matte Painting in a Televised Program and in 2007 received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Visual Effects for a Mini-series.


THQ - Legendary Pictures - Dreamworks - Activision Blizzard - 2K Games

Lixin YIN is a concept artist, key frame artist and illustrator working in the Film and Game industry, currently based in San Francisco. Famous for his art style, Lixin Yin can adapt to many styles, sculpt with lighting and color while bringing new ideas and worlds to life. His painting technique and understanding of design makes for one of the best artists out there.