The New3dge Concept Art two-year program is priced at €15,000 per school year.

There is no application fee, and it is possible to pay in up to ten installments without fees each year.



Each student will have access to a plein air oil painting kit and a personal workstation with Wacom Intuos Pro, Oculus Rift S and every program and plugin necessary for concept art.

The school is a proven facility equipped with state of the art entertainment material, fiber internet, data servers, render farms, motion capture studio, Black Magic camera, etc.



Study in the best city on earth for art.

Ever dreamt of living in France? Paris is arguably the best city in the world for studying art. Filled with museums, beautiful streets and rooftop terasses, parks and hills, you will never be out of drawing inspiration. 

Our team can help you get in contact with housing agencies, and give you advice on how to come to France and anticipate the cost of living.

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